French Resistance Support Group



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Germany’s occupation of France was resisted by the Maquis – the famous French Resistance. Led by ex-officers or charismatic local leaders, these brave men and women fought desperate guerilla actions which were pivotal in disrupting German forces during the Battle for Normandy. The members of the French Resistance risked everything for a chance to fight back against their Nazi oppressors.

Allied airdrops supplied the French Resistance with invaluable heavier weaponry such as the Vickers medium machine gun and 3″ mortar included in this set.

The miniatures in this set represent the partisans of the French Forces of the Interior (FFI) but are equally suitable for most resistance forces, be they in Poland, the Soviet Union or many of the other countries living under the heel of Germany’s jackboot.


HQ Team
1 medium mortar team
1 MMG team
Plastic German weapons sprue
Plastic bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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